Data Quality Scorecard in GMS tenant

ewright Published Jun 8 2023 1 minute read

Sometimes we take the basics for granted.  Handling and processing your live Workday data, in a reliable and consistent manner, is fundamental to having levels of quality, integrity, and real business information that lends itself to effective data-driven decision making.  Expecting that things will take care of themselves, as longs as transactions are being processed and information is flowing from A to B, can lead to compromised data quality that lacks integrity, causing inaccurate or ineffective outcomes.

At Three Plus, we have created a facility using Workday Scorecards to allow every customer to measure and track the quality of their key HCM, Financials and Payroll data sets.  We will help you to better understand what is happening within your Workday tenant, identify data integrity issues, BP inefficiencies, and configuration gaps.   Our solutions are also used to define and track Key Performance Indicators such as time to hire, learning completion rates, high performer flight risks, absenteeism rates, overpayments, average settlement times etc.

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Workday Scorecards are available to every customer as part of their baseline product license. Scorecards are a very useful tool to display KPIs at specified intervals, and process data during schedules (outside of working hours), allowing you to access a snapshot of data in an instant. This is particularly useful for large or complex pieces of data or metrics which are measured on a regular basis.

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Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like help making the most from Workday Scorecards.

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