Three Plus Consulting has been named a Workday AMS Partner.


We are delighted to announce that Three Plus Consulting has been named a Workday Application Management Services (AMS) Partner.

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When we founded Three Plus, we had one simple mission: to help customers get the most out of the Workday product. We set out to be innovative within the ‘post deployment’ market, and have since developed and deployed our proprietary approaches to optimisation and Application Management Services, as well as building a highly experienced PRISM deployment team.

We are thrilled that this partnership not only gives recognition of the impact we have made with our customers, but enables us to continue to provide them with the best possible service, and gives them the reassurance of having access to Workday certified consultants with all of the latest tools, training and guidance at their disposal.

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Becoming an AMS Partner allows us to support future and existing customers with an even wider range of services using Workday Certified consultants:

    ✓ Optimisation programmes
    ✓ 'Phase X’ deployments of additional functionality or populations
    ✓ Ongoing support via our proprietary ‘AMS+’ service

As well having access to a broader range of tools and methodologies to ultimately make projects more efficient, lower cost and higher quality:

    ✓ Pre-built, proprietary solutions to be migrated from our own GMS tenant ​into customer tenants
    ✓ Investment in certifying our consultants​ across the full suite of Workday functionality
    ✓ Access to our own 3Plus GMS tenant will​ allow us to create even more innovative​ solutions

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